3M headlight renewal kit

3M headlight renewal kit

3M Lens Renewal Kit shines in new direct response TV campaign by R2C Group


PORTLAND, OR–(Marketwire – December 14, 2010) – A new product by 3M that restores the illuminating power of vehicle headlights will be showcased in a direct response television campaign by R2C Group® set to begin this week.

The 3M™ Lens Renewal Kit is a simple do-it-yourself product powered by a household drill that restores the outside lens which encases vehicle headlights. 

Vehicle lights shine like new in less than an hour, eliminating the blurry, dull film that accumulates over time as ultra-violet light, weather, insects, and road chemicals degrade the lens surface and restrict as much as 75 percent of the light output.

“Direct response is a completely new approach for us, yet we believe it is a perfect tool to help create consumer awareness about the safety benefits of restoring vehicle lenses,” said Travis Lamb, Marketing Manager for the 3M Automotive Aftermarket Division. 

“Now that we have an easy, effective and affordable solution, we want all vehicle owners to consider this product in maintaining their investment.” 

R2C Group prevailed after 3M considered 10 agencies for the project, which will include testing several short-form messages. 

People will be directed to the websites www.buylensrenewal.com or www.lensrenewal.com and to certain automotive and do-it-yourself retailers to get the product, which retails for less than $30.

The 3M Lens Renewal Kit was created by 3M, a consumer and industrial products leader. The consumer kit was based upon 3M’s professional collision shop experience, market knowledge, the high cost of replacing headlight lenses, and the success of their professional headlight restoration system. 

The three-step kit from 3M restores most plastic lenses, including headlamps, taillights, trailers, emergency lights, and off-road vehicle lights. Vehicle lights shine like new in less than an hour.