Battery Brain's battery power monitor

Always ensure you have enough battery power with the Battery Brain, an accessory that installs easily on any battery. The Battery Brain uses micro-technology to monitor the battery’s power level and disconnect it from the electrical system at a predetermined level. The following models are available:

Bronze (Type I)

Offers manual reconnection. To reconnect, simply lift the hood and press the button.

 Silver (Type II)

Offers manual or remote control reconnection. All the driver needs to do is press the button on the remote from the driver’s seat or anywhere around the vehicle, and the power will reconnect.

 *Gold (Type III)

Offers manual or remote control reconnection. This unit also has a remote control disconnection feature acting as an anti-theft device and reducing the risk of theft.

 *Gold (Type IV)

This unit has offers manual or wired push button reconnection and disconnection. The switch is mounted anywhere you choose.

 Gold Utility (Type IV RV) for Secondary Batteries

This unit is specifically made to protect the secondary batteries such as the house or coach batteries. While it is not responsible for starting a vehicle the charge protected is at a lower threshold. It protects your battery from the deep cycling of fully draining your battery with power draw then recharging which can prematurely end a batteries life.


The Platinum Battery Brain is the latest model and is easy to install. It uses remote control reconnection and disconnection. It has a built in trickle circuit that allows a limited amount of current to be drawn to maintain memories and presets automatically while still preserving the charge required to start your vehicle, in this “armed” mode there will not be enough charge to start the vehicle. The Platinum also features a vibration sensor which is attached to a plastic component near the battery like the air cleaner. This will ensure that the Battery Brain never activates while the vehicle is running. The remote control disconnection feature acts as an anti-theft feature.


The Devisolator is a unique unit that can be installed to constantly monitor any single electronic device, which may cause battery drainage. The Devisolator will automatically disconnect that device to prevent disabling drainage and will reconnect when the battery has recovered full charge.

Marine Battery Brain Models


Monitors the battery and disconnects the electrical system if it detects the battery losing sufficient charge to start the engine. Offers manual or remote control reconnection. The remote can also be used to disconnect when leaving the vehicle as an anti-theft feature.


Unit has the same capabilities as the Type III, but instead of a remote control there is a manual wired switch that can be mounted in a remote location. The switch is used to connect and disconnect the battery every time the switch button is pressed.