ATV air shocks from Fox


Offering an infinite range of adjustability in an ultra-lightweight package, our FOX FLOAT® R Air Shox is the perfect lightweight and hassle-free suspension choice for your Sport/Recreational ATV.

The FOX FLOAT R is factory-valved specifically for each vehicle application, and its infinitely adjustable air spring and externally adjustable rebound allow riders to quickly and easily tune for any terrain condition.

Inside its hard-anodized 6061-T6 aluminum body, the FLOAT R’s Internal Floating Piston (IFP), separates the high-pressure nitrogen gas from the damping oil to ensure optimum, fade-free performance.

FOX also incorporates the new SAMURAI SEALING SYSTEM (SSS).  Working closely with one of the world’s leading seal suppliers, FOX has developed our unique dual-stage “Samurai Sealing System” for use on all FLOAT, FLOAT X and FLOAT X EVOL AirShox. The seals in the SSS are specifically designed from a special low temperature, highly durable material that scraps away snow, ice and debris while simultaneously keeping the seals lubricated for minimal friction.

Replacing your stock ATV shocks with a set of FLOAT R shocks will not only dramatically increases its ride performance but also leave about 6 lbs in the garage. Contact: FOX Racing