7.3L Ford Turbo upgrade

BD Turbo Thruster II

Ford 7.3L Power Stroke replacement turbo boosts power, lowers EGTs 

BD Diesel Performance’s new Turbo Thruster II bolt-in replacement turbo is an ideal upgrade for high-mileage  Ford 1994-2003 7.3L Power Strokes because it provides up to 40% increase in airflow with no compressor surging or choked-off turbine flow.

The Turbo Thruster II fFeatures a Hot Isostatic Pressed compressor wheel with 66mm inducer and 88mm exducer that can handle high wheel speeds and boost pressures plus a large 1.0 A/R turbine housing that can handle higher exhaust pressures. 

Designed as a direct, bolt-in replacement, these units have superior pressure ratios, provides cooler EGT’s, improves spool-up time.

They are also capable of developing up to 36psi of boost pressure with BD’s exclusive Heavy Duty Waste Gate with Turn Buckle adjustment.

For more information: Call BD Diesel Performance at 800-887-5030 or www.dieselperformance.com.