Daystar bump-stops

Daystar offers bump-stops

Bump Stops are a necessary and often overlooked item in any vehicle suspension system. They wear out lust like any other component. As the suspension is modified, bump stops become even more critical.

Daystar offers everything from stock style replacement bump stops to extended applications in order to suit any needs and uses.

These high-impact polyurethane stops will provide increased strength and less deflection under load.

Keep in mind that bump stops play a greater role than ever in modern suspensions, where they are often a constant load bearing surface, or supplemental spring, to the suspension in factory or modified form.

Without the proper bump stops in place, severe suspension fatigue and even damage can result!

Daystar offers several different types of bump stops to suit many different needs and suspension designs. From low-profile to progressive-rate, and from application-specific to universal, Daystar has a bump stop that will work for your needs and uses.

Many different variations are available, from stock to complete custom.

  • High Impact Polyurethane
  • Increased Strength Compared to Stock Rubber Bump Stops
  • Bump stops prevent damaging over-compression of the suspension.
  • Widest variety of styles, shapes, and types available.
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty

Check out Daystar suspension products at your favorite four-wheel-drive parts outlet or shop online.