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ConocoPhillips ups its heavy-duty engine oil specs with liquid titanium additive

By Marcia Gruver


While happy with the premium synthetic blend CJ-4 engine oil it introduced in late 2006, ConocoPhillips Lubricants felt it could push the performance parameters even more. That “more” is now an additive that the company calls “liquid titanium,” a completely soluble chemical additive that ConocoPhillips says boosts wear protection, improves corrosion control and reduces oil oxidation.

“This is an enhancement of our premium CJ-4 technology,” says Steve Tarbox, director of product management for ConocoPhillips. “Liquid titanium works at a molecular level, selectively bonding to metal surfaces in high wear zones, offering an extra layer of protection.”

In fact, says ConocoPhillips, engine tests showed the additive gives a 15-percent cam lobe wear reduction and a 46-percent crosshead wear reduction, compared with premium heavy duty engine oils without the additive. Post-test analysis revealed a protective titanium layer embedded into the surface of crossheads, tappets, cams and rings – areas of extreme, localized heat.

In addition to antiwear protection, the company says liquid titanium helps inhibit high temperature oil oxidation, which can lead to deposits, corrosion, sludge and reduced performance.

“We really feel this is a significant advancement in the CJ-4 platform,” Tarbox says. The two ConocoPhillips heavy-duty engine oil brands, Guardol ECT and Kendall Super-D XA, now include liquid titanium. EW

Quick specs

Brands: Kendall Super-D XA with Liquid Titanium; Guardol ECT with Liquid Titanium

Oil: Engineered from additives – including liquid titanium – and a blend of synthetic and high quality Group II base stocks.

Approvals: API CJ-4 licensed and approved under the latest specs from Caterpillar, Cummins, Detroit Diesel, Mack, Mercedes and Volvo for use in the 2007 and later model year, low-emission engines equipped with after-treatment devices It is also backward-serviceable for use in older engines. The oils with liquid titanium can be used in any application currently using a CJ-4 engine oil. They may be used as make up oil with the CJ-4 Kendall and Guardol oils without liquid titanium or as full replacement during an oil change.

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