Automatic portable air compressor

VIAIR Automatic Portable 12V Compressors

VIAIR is proud to introduce the world’s first automatic portable compressors, the VIAIR 400P-Automatic (2.54 CFM, 33% Duty Cycle), 450P-Automatic (1.66 CFM, 100% Duty Cycle) & 400P-RV Automatic (2.54 CFM, 33% Duty Cycle) with extended reach and inflation abilities.

VIAIR Automatic Portable compressors offer automatic shut-off that simplify tire filling in a revolutionary way. Rather than rushing from the tire back to the compressor to shut it off, all you’ll have to do is let the compressor run.

The automatic function of these compressors will turn the units on and off for you, while you move from tire-to-tire. This is especially useful for applications where compressor speed and long run time is desirable.

All units are capable of 150 PSI maximum working pressure and come with their own gas station-style tire inflation gun with high performance air pressure gauge onboard.

Additionally, these heavy duty compressors come with heavy duty battery connection cables, an inflation tips kit, heavy duty sand tray with rubber over-mold and a heavy duty carrying bag for added portability.

For more information, please contact: VIAIR Corporation, 15 Edelman, Irvine, CA 92618, or by phone at (949) 585-0011,