Lift-A-Loft's TL22 scissors lift

Lift-A-Loft TL22Eliminate the need to trailer and haul a separate lift to the jobsite with Lift-A-Loft’s TL22 scissors lift, which easily mounts in a pickup bed. Useful for any pickup truck that has 2,650 pounds of payload with an 8-foot-long bed, the TL22 features a self contained power pack that automatically recharges from the pickup’s electrical system. The truck does not have to be running to operate the lift. The TL22 features 500 pounds of platform capacity and provides 21 feet 10 inches of platform height when mounted on a 32-inch truck bed. A 36-inch extenda-deck is standard. 

The TL-22 installs with a simple kit, and the lift can be removed from the truck bed in minutes.