People flock to beer truck crashes

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No tears in these beers.

While we’ve seen the interesting aftermath of pizza, deli, bread and doughnut truck crashes, nothing can compare—yet—to the excitement that two beer truck crashes brought recently to Mexico.

Sadly, there was no report given on the condition of the driver who lost control of a truck Thursday in Santa Cruz, Campeche (photo below). Authorities did nothing to stop the villagers who apparently said that it was okay to steal the beer since the cargo was reportedly covered by insurance, according to Mexico News Daily. Pillagers even stole the truck’s tires as well.

Another beer truck crash last month in Zacatecas, Mexico also brought out plenty of looters. Federal police had reportedly tried stopping the thieves but were overwhelmed.

Video below from a 2013 beer truck crash in Mexico shows a similar rush on cerveza.