J.B. Hunt’s first electric trucks going to work in Texas & California


J.B. Hunt Transport Services has taken delivery of the company’s first-ever all-electric medium-duty box trucks.

The five Fuso eCanter will be added to J.B. Hunt’s Final Mile Services division and used for home delivery in Santa Fe Springs, Calif., and the greater Houston area.

J.B. Hunt is the second national carrier to introduce eCanter trucks in the U.S.

“These trucks may be silent, but they speak loudly of our dedication to creating a more sustainable transportation system,” says John Roberts, president and CEO of J.B. Hunt. “Our efforts to reduce our carbon footprint and improve efficiency stretch across the supply chain, from intermodal load conversion to enhancing the aerodynamics and safety of our fleet. This latest addition brings that effort to the last mile and directly to the consumer’s doorstep.”

In 2017, J.B. Hunt avoided nearly 3.4 million tons of carbon dioxide from entering the atmosphere through intermodal conversion, which is equivalent to removing more than 700,000 passenger vehicles from the road for a year. The company was also one of the first in the world to commit to Tesla Semi electric tractors, reserving 40 in November 2017. More information on J.B. Hunt’s sustainability efforts is available on the company’s website.

The Fuso eCanter truck has zero tailpipe emissions, eliminating the noise and carbon footprint of similar traditional trucks. In addition to being environmentally friendly, the eCanter is cost efficient and economical. Compared to a conventional diesel model, the operating costs for the eCanter can be as much as $2,000 lower for each 12,000 miles driven. On a full charge, the eCanter has a driving range of up to 80 miles and is ideal for inner-city final mile delivery.