USPS driver caught on video throwing packages during home delivery

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Updated Nov 30, 2018

A couple in North Wales, Penn. were outraged to see their packages being thrown this week by a U.S. postal carrier who is now blaming the couple for the incident.

Brian Simon and his wife Lisa said it’s not the first time that their parcels have been tossed onto the lawn–and this time they’ve got video to prove it.

“The camera doesn’t pick up the first throw but if you look closely you can see the package just behind the lamp,” Simon wrote on his Facebook page below the video which has since gone viral. “The motion sensor didn’t get her first throw but then she gets out and throws it again. Her reason… she said my dog was out! Lisa and the dog were inside the house!!! This is the 3rd time this has happened. This was going to be a Christmas present!”

Several news outlets picked up the story, including NBC Nightly News. USPS is investigating.