Tesla Semi attracts crowd at JB Hunt home office

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Updated Aug 31, 2018

The Tesla Semi made it to JB Hunt’s headquarters in Arkansas Friday using a network of Super Chargers along the way from the automaker’s headquarters in California.

Several posts on Twitter featured pictures of curious onlookers waiting in a long line to see the electric tractor-trailer which was parked in front of the main entrance at JB Hunt’s headquarters in Lowell.

While neither JB Hunt nor Tesla made any official announcements regarding the Semi’s appearance, Tesla CEO Elon Musk did not stay quiet for long on Twitter.

“What’s cool is that it was driven across the country alone (no escort or any accompanying vehicles), using the existing Tesla Supercharger network and an extension cord,” Tesla CEO Elon Musk posted at 2:50 a.m. Saturday in reply to a Tweet sent the day before by @Electrek.Co.

Social media accounts associated with JB Hunt, including JB Hunt CEO John Roberts, remained silent on the Semi.

Musk, however, took on questions about his tractor including one from Tesla fan @j_brorsson who asked if he (Musk) could also “invite the doubters to test the Semi.”

Musk responded, “Most major customers have tried it & love it. Now we need to finish production design & build it, while avoiding dumb mistakes made with Model 3 production system. Wish it wasn’t so hard to be less stupid over time …”

In other Tesla news on Friday, Musk announced in a Tesla blog that after meeting with company board members, various financial advisors and attorneys, that it was best that the company remain in the hands of public stockholders. Two weeks prior the embattled CEO had supported the notion of taking the company private.