Caught on video: Thieves break into truck while it’s traveling down the highway

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This next video will probably get you thinking more about surveillance video and theft deterrence.

Postal company Post Nord in Sweden was puzzled as to how high-dollar merchandise—mostly electronics—kept disappearing from its trucks, so the decision was made to install video cameras.

What happened next is like something out of Hollywood. The company ended up with real-time surveillance footage of thieves breaking into the back of one of their trucks as it barreled down the highway at around 50 mph.

As you watch the video you’ll see a car closely following the semi. After one thief opens the trailer door, he steps inside and is joined by another who steps off the hood of the car into the trailer.

Because Post Nord was watching the surveillance footage in real time, they contacted police who in turn caught up with and arrested the thieves who were still inside the truck. Nice work Post Nord!

Still, it looks like there’s a market for tougher truck door locks and alarms.