10-ton, 1000-hp cabover race truck soars through the air

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Updated Jun 14, 2017
This Kamaz 1,000-hp, 10-ton offroad race truck takes on staggering jumps.This Kamaz 1,000-hp, 10-ton offroad race truck takes on staggering jumps.

Offroad truck races are fun, especially when they include a 1,000-hp, 10-ton cabover flying through the air.

Race truck driver Eduard Nikolaev is shown in the Red Bull video below preparing for his next race by racing through the snow in the transpolar region of Murmansk, Russia.

Nikolaev, who won the grueling 2017 Dakar Rally in January, said that this snowiest part of Russia provides offroad conditions similar to driving on the silk dunes that he’ll be up against at the Silk Way Rally in July.

The Silk Way Rally cover 6,213 miles of tough terrain from Moscow to Beijing. By comparison, the legendary Baja 1000 offroad race in Mexico is roughly 800 miles long.

Nikolaev’s truck, dubbed “The Terminator,” is a Russian-built Kamaz 4326 powered by a 16.5-liter V8 diesel and built by Team Kamaz Master.

Despite its size, the truck can reach a top-speed of around 90 mph and take on some jaw-dropping jumps along the way. During a practice run revealed on video below, the KamAZ flew through the air just shy of 100 feet.

Continental 14.00 R20 164/160K HC tires take a beating—along with everything else on this truck which just keeps on going.