Interstate trucker killings not related

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Updated Apr 28, 2017
Anthony TillmonAnthony Tillmon

Though two separate interstate shootings share some of the same chilling details, Hard Working Trucks was told that the incidents are not related.

Following Tuesday’s arrest of Illinois tow truck driver Richard Tillmon, who was charged in last Friday’s road-rage shooting death of DML Logistics driver Eduardo Munoz on I-88 near Chicago, Hard Working Trucks contacted law enforcement officials to learn if Tillmon had possibly been involved in the murder of a trucker that occurred last May in Jacksonville, Fla.

“Investigators do not believe there is any connection between the two shootings,” Illinois Master Sergeant Jason Bradley of the Illinois State Police told Hard Working Trucks. 

Last May, New Jersey resident George Guerrero had been driving east bound on I-10 in Jacksonville when construction work in the right lane caused him to merge into the left lane in front of an orange tractor-trailer, which the Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office listed as a 2000-2005 Freightliner Century flattop sleeper cab with fairings.

The driver of that Freightliner, described by witnesses as a black male with a beard, pulled up alongside Guerrero—after he had switched back to the right lane—side-swiped his truck and then shot him three times, including once in the head.

Guerrero’s truck drifted into the woods alongside the interstate. Law enforcement officials said his dog, who had been riding with him at the time, was found unharmed near his body. No arrests have been made.

Regarding similarities between the two shootings, the gunman at both scenes was described by witnesses as a bearded black male. Also, both victims were Hispanic and both victims had been shot three times. It’s unclear if the same firearm was used. A 9mm shell casing was found in Tillmon’s truck; however, no information has been released regarding the gun used to kill Guerrero.

In addition to contacting the Illinois State Police, Hard Working Trucks also reached out to the Jackonsville Sheriff’s Office. So far, only the Illinois State Police has responded.

“It is not known if Anthony Tillmon ever drove an orange Freightliner,” Bradley said.