Randall-Reilly data enhancements primed to accelerate used truck inventory turnover

According to the 2017 Successful Dealer survey, some used trucks depreciate at a rate of $1,600 per month.According to the 2017 Successful Dealer survey, some used trucks depreciate at a rate of $1,600 per month.

According to the 2017 Successful Dealer survey, nearly all truck dealers sell used inventory.

With some used models depreciating at a rate of more than $1,600 per month, and 72 percent of dealers citing a two-month period to turnover inventory, it’s not surprising that the research also identified falling prices as a top concern.

For years, Randall-Reilly’s RigDig has provided clients with unmatched business intelligence on more than one million trucking entities in the U.S., to guide sales and marketing strategies, and truck history reports to better inform purchasing decisions.  To help meet the pressing needs of their truck dealer audience, Randall-Reilly has made three key RigDig enhancements designed to support faster inventory turns.

The first upgrade is Web ID, a new service that identifies website visitors to a client dealer website.  The viewing history, which includes equipment viewed, combined with proprietary RigDig data (fleet size, brands and equipment), provides sales with an invaluable competitive edge.  This advanced form of lead identification allows clients to engage with prospects earlier in the decision-making process, through direct sales follow-up or targeted digital tactics.

For RigDig clients without a CRM platform in place, the new enhanced ability to add notes to prospect files, will allow them to have the data, prospecting, and sales tools they need, all in one place, without having to shift across multiple data platforms.

Lastly, the addition of truck auction data, and truck history reports to RigDig, will ensure that truck dealers have more inventory buying and selling options, as well as the data needed to make better-informed choices.

These three major enhancements to RigDig will play a larger role in helping truck dealers sharpen sales strategies, accelerate rate of inventory turn, and increase profitability.

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Note: Randall-Reilly is the parent company of Successful Dealer and Hard Working Trucks.