Trucker’s dash cam footage leads to carjacking arrest

Still from Scott LeVan’s dashcam, capturing the getaway of the car thieves.Still from Scott LeVan’s dashcam, capturing the getaway of the car thieves.

Scott LeVan was in the right place at the right time when, he says, parked at a rest area on I-77 in Ohio, his dashcam happened to capture views of criminals involved in a carjacking at the area — which all later led to an arrest in the case.

“Two armed men took a couple’s car by gunpoint,” he says, “and I got them on my dashcam.”

He didn’t see the incident up close and in person, but when police knocked on his truck’s door last Wednesday afternoon and asked how long he’d been there, the officer’s “jaw dropped,” LeVan says, when he handed over his SD card with footage of the fleeing criminals.

“The car thief looked right at my camera 10 feet away from my truck,” LeVan says.

The first arrest happened later that night in Cleveland. Catch part of LeVan’s vid from the Bath Township rest area South of Cleveland via the news report at this link. You’ll also hear LeVan, chiming in with this message: “That’s what we’re out here for. That’s our duty as truck drivers: To keep the public safe, as well as deliver the goods.”

Note: This article first appeared in HWT’s sister publication Overdrive and was written by Overdrive Senior Editor Todd Dills for his Channel 19 blog.