AM General moving custom truck builds to foreign countries

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AM General M1152 HumveeAM General M1152 Humvee

Though AM General may have not have landed a new vehicle contract with the U.S. Army, it remains committed in seeking customers elsewhere.

The U.S. automaker, which to date has sold its tactical vehicle to 60 countries, is offering customers abroad a chance to customize their own Humvees from the chassis up. By exporting the chassis only, AM General can circumvent tough trade regulations and work more closely with customers on customizing their Humvee.

Though popularized as an SUV, AM General has also produced the Humvee as a single and double-cab tactical truck.

AM General’s latest truck concept, dubbed “Your Country, Your Truck” was displayed this week at the International Defense Exposition in Abu Dhabi.

The Indiana-based automaker hopes “to establish manufacturing, supply chains and life-cycle logistics in country,” reports.

AM General Humvee M1165 Special OpsAM General Humvee M1165 Special Ops

The military-grade rolling chassis found in the Humvee will be exported to countries that in turn will receive design and manufacturing support from AM General.

While taking this in-country manufacturing approach, AM General also hopes to establish supply chains and life-cycle logistics for its customers outside the U.S.

Besides the Middle East, AM General is also taking its “Your Country, Your Truck” campaign to Latin America, the Asia Pacific, Europe and Africa.

Two years ago, AM General lost to Oshkosh in the U.S. Army’s Joint Light Tactical Vehicle competition. In 1983, AM General secured an Army contract to produce 55,000 Humvees.

The automaker is now competing with four other companies to produce a Next Generation Delivery Vehicle for the United States Postal Service.