Penske reveals Top-10 truck destinations for 2016

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Penske has named Atlanta as the most popular destination for its rental trucks for the seventh year in a row.Penske has named Atlanta as the most popular destination for its rental trucks for the seventh year in a row.

Hard Working Trucks recently reported that Atlanta is easily home to the nation’s worst truck congestion.

So it should come as no surprise that for the seventh consecutive year Penske has named the city the most popular destination for its DIY moving trucks.

During 2016 more of Penske’s rental trucks were destined for cities in the Sun Belt region than any other part of the country, according to Penske’s annual Truck Rental Top Moving Destinations list.

The seventh edition of the Penske Truck Rental Top Moving Destinations list contains a number of familiar markets across the U.S., with Atlanta once again in the top spot.

“It is remarkable that Atlanta continues to dominate this list,” said Joe Hill, the new senior vice president for Penske Truck Leasing’s Southeast region, who previously served as area vice president for Penske’s mountain area, which includes Denver and Phoenix.

Hill is in the process of relocating his family to metro Atlanta. “We’re looking forward to living and working in this beautiful area,” he said.

Making an appearance in the top 10 for the first time since 2012 is Charlotte. Interestingly, half of the cities on the list are located in only three states: Georgia, Florida and Texas.

Penske Truck Rental 2016 Top Moving Destinations (previous year ranking)

  1. Atlanta (1)
  2. Dallas/Fort Worth (4)
  3. Phoenix (2)
  4. Denver (6)
  5. Tampa/Sarasota (3)
  6. Orlando (5)
  7. Seattle (8)
  8. Las Vegas (9)
  9. Houston (7)
  10. Charlotte (unranked)

Some interesting facts and figures from Penske’s annual Truck Rental Top Moving Destinations list:

  • Sun Belt cities have occupied the top third of every one of Penske Truck Rental’s Top Moving Destinations lists
  • Historically, four Southeast markets (Atlanta, Charlotte, Orlando and Tampa/Sarasota) have graced this list
  • Florida and Texas are the only states to have multiple markets appear on all seven lists
  • Dallas/Fort Worth has finished as a runner-up three times (2010, 2012 and 2016)
  • Atlanta is the only No. 1 representative in the list’s history. Call it a seven-peat?
  • Denver’s current No. 4 placement is the market’s highest-ever finish; in 2013 it was ninth
  • Phoenix has never fallen below the top five while appearing on every list
  • Charlotte was on the first three lists (2010, 2011 and 2012); its average placement ranking is 9.75

“The list is compiled via analysis of one-way consumer truck rental reservations made via the company’s website, calls to our 1-800-GO-PENSKE call center, and through one-way reservations made at Penske’s more than 2,300 truck rental locations,” explained Don Mikes, senior vice president of rental.