Ryder launches mobile fueling solution

screen-shot-2016-10-20-at-3-16-20-pmRyder announced today the launch of its new mobile fueling solution which provides fuel delivery to off-duty customer fleets located throughout the U.S. and Canada.

Ryder’s new mobile fueling solution leverages the company’s strategic fuel partnerships to create an industry-first fuel delivery network.

Ryder reports that the new fueling solution offers flexibility, choice and control in fleet management as it combines the benefits of maximized driving time, increased asset utilization, along with transparent and consistent fuel pricing for Ryder’s ChoiceLease and SelectCare customer base.

“Ryder is continuously looking for ways to create and deliver the most flexible and innovative fleet management solutions for our customers in the United States and Canada as they rely on us to keep their businesses running,” said Ryder president of Global Fleet Management Solutions, Dennis Cooke. “By offering greater flexibility in our leasing and maintenance portfolio, we are making it easier for more companies to do business with Ryder.

“With today’s announcement, customers interested in Ryder’s ChoiceLease and SelectCare solutions can now choose the value-added service of mobile fuel delivery.”

Ryder’s mobile fueling solution also provides its vehicle lease customers with the benefit of the company’s national fuel buying power. With 435 existing fueling locations and 6,400 fuel network partners, Ryder reports that it’s positioned to offer customized strategic fuel management to meet the needs of its customers.

“Ryder is one of the largest fleet purchasers of diesel fuel in the U.S., dispensing over 275 million gallons of fuel to thousands of customers across the U.S. and Canada each year,” said Scott Perry, Ryder vice president of Supply Management and Global Product Management. “While we can’t control the price of fuel, we are in position to offer pricing that is competitive for our customers and provide consistent availability of high-quality fuel. Our customers recognize the value that comes from our fully comprehensive leasing and maintenance offering.”

Ryder’s mobile fuel solution offers a customer web portal that allows for online management of fuel transactions. Each fuel transaction that is completed is then loaded into the customer’s customized online dashboard where they are able to download detailed reports to help manage vehicle operations, fuel usage and spending.

For more information about Ryder’s fuel services, visit http://www.ryder.com/solutions/fleet-leasing/fuel-services.