Senator Chuck Schumer calls for speed limiters on trucks

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How fast is too fast?

Sen. Chuck Schumer (D-N.Y.) isn’t sure, but the senior senator said Sunday there ought to be a law requiring trucks weighing at least 26,000 pounds to have speed-limiting devices.

As far as determining a speed limit for trucks, Schumer has asked lawmakers and transportation agencies to decide, according to The New York Post.

After Congress repealed the national 65 mph speed limit in 1995, states have been increasing maximum speeds, which has Schumer and other speed regulation advocates worried.

“It’s not just a fear you have when there’s a big truck driving behind you at a fast rate…it’s dangerous,” Schumer said.

About 70 percent of the big rigs on the road are already equipped with speed-restricting technology, according to Schumer.

“Every New Yorker or commuter who has been next to or in the cross-hairs of a speeding big rig, technology like this cannot be installed fast enough,” he said.

The American Trucking Associations supports a national 68 mph speed limit and is concerned about traffic safety where roads may provide separate speed limits for trucks and cars.

“We’re kind of stuck in this spot,” said Sean McNally, vice president of the American Trucking Associations. “We support notion limiting truck speeds – however in limiting truck speeds without addressing all traffic (other conflicting speed limits) may be problematic.”