DC Water running its entire fleet on biodiesel

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DC Water, the utility handling water and sewer at the nation’s capital, reports that it’s running its entire diesel-powered fleet on biodiesel.

All 230 of DC Water’s vehicles, which includes sewer trucks, utility and dump trucks, crane trucks, crew cabs and many other vehicles plus equipment, use B20.

“Biodiesel just makes sense,” Timothy Fitzgerald, director of fleet management for DC Water told biodiesel.org. “We switched to biodiesel in 2007 and have never looked back. It can be used in existing diesel engines, reduces emissions, and our drivers notice a big difference in fumes.”

Using its biodiesel emissions calculator, which is available on its website, biodiesel.org determined that by using B20, DC Water has lowered its carbon dioxide emissions by 15 percent, carbon monoxide by 12 percent, hydrocarbon and sulfur dioxide by 20 percent and particulate matter by 12 percent when compared to conventional diesel.

The fleet also uses soy-biobased hydraulic fluid, engine oil, grease, adhesive remover and hand cleaner.

“We look for opportunities to do right by the environment and our employees in every aspect of our operation – from the vehicles, to shop supplies, to building operation and maintenance,” Fitzgerald added.

Fitzgerald was chosen by the National Biodiesel Board to serve as a Biodiesel Ambassador. The National Biodiesel Board represents the interests of nearly 200 member companies in the biodiesel and renewable diesel industries. Roughly 2.1 billion gallons of biodiesel was used last year in the U.S., according to biodiesel.org.