Faulty GPS directions blamed for truck-related damage, traffic jams

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GPS-based directions are being blamed again for more property damage and traffic problems as truckers unwittingly follow planned routes on the high-tech devices.

This week, a Pennsylvania resident complained at a board meeting of Richmond Township officials that tractor-trailer drivers have damaged his wall several times along a narrow road that GPS units are confusing with another nearby road. The trucks have also caused road damage and created traffic jams, according to readingeagle.com.

“I’ve turned dozens of trucks out there,” Mark Ulrich told township officials.

Ulrich said that drivers are following erroneous GPS directions as they try driving to an industrial park with a similar address. Ulrich has requested that a narrow curve be widened near his wall to help get the trucks through and minimize damage.

Township supervisors discussed posting signs for truckers to prevent them from traveling on Eight Hill Road. However, the township attorney said the restriction would be difficult to enforce and instead suggested changing the name of the road to prevent GPS units from guiding truck drivers there in the first place.

A code enforcement officer was given the task of researching possible new names for the narrow road. About 100 residents live along Eight Hill Road.

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