Portland passes truck tax

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Big trucks doing business in Portland, Oregon will be facing a new tax this fall as part of a growing effort by politicians there to expand the tax base to pay for road and safety projects.

On Wednesday, Portland City Council unanimously approved a tax on trucks that weigh more than 26,000 pounds, according to oregonlive.com. The tax is expected to generate roughly $2.5 million annually for the next four years, when it comes up for renewal.

The tax comes just one week before residents will vote on a proposed gasoline tax which, if passed, is expected to generate $16 million a year for the city’s coffers.

Critics of the gas tax have been complaining that diesel users will not face the same tax at the pump.

The truck tax applies to trucking companies in Portland and trucks whose business takes them to the city.

Portland Commissioner Steve Novick said he’s willing to hear from truckers who may have other ideas for generating revenue for the city’s road and safety projects. Novick heads up Portland’s Bureau of Transportation.

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