Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office receives hundreds of tips on trucker’s killer

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Updated May 13, 2016
George GuerreroGeorge Guerrero

The Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office told Hard Working Trucks this afternoon that they’re still looking for a truck driver that shot and killed another trucker Saturday afternoon on Interstate 10 in Jacksonville.

“We have received hundreds of tips, but nothing of value as of yet,” Sgt. Jay Farhat told Hard Working Trucks around 1:30 p.m.

Meanwhile, the family of slain New Jersey trucker George Guerrero has asked again that the killer, described as a black male with a beard in an orange Freightliner, come forward and turn himself in.

“Don’t be afraid to face the consequences. Take responsibility for what you did to a father, a brother and uncle, a good man, a good man that was very well loved, a fellow trucker,” Blanca Clendenin, Guerrero’s cousin, said in an interview with actionnewsjax.com shortly after picking up Guerrero’s dog at a Jacksonville animal shelter.

Guerrero’s family has set up a GoFundMe account to help cope with funeral expenses plus the cost of transporting his body back to New Jersey.

Guerrero, 44, was shot three times around 1:50 p.m., including once in the head, while traveling east bound on I-10 near exit 351 following an apparent traffic incident with another trucker.

Witnesses calling into 911 reported what they thought had been an accident after watching Guerrero’s truck veer off the highway and into the woods. It wasn’t until authorities arrived and checked up on Guerrero that they realized that he had been shot to death.

The suspect was last seen driving an orange 2000 to 2005 Freightliner Century flattop sleeper cab with a 53-foot dirty white trailer.

Guerrero had recently left behind the security of a New Jersey trucking company to become an independent owner-operator.

The breadwinner for his family in Perth Amboy, N.J., Guerrero had been doing well driving goods in Florida and Georgia when he was needlessly gunned down over what may have been a traffic dispute.

“He bought his own truck and now they want to go and kill him after they see him shining? Shot three times for what?” Guerrero’s son, Christopher Guerrero, 21, told abc7ny.com yesterday.

Guerrero looked after his family and envisioned a better future for them.

“He always told us that he wanted us to make it,” Christopher Guerrero said. “He was helping my aunt.”

Guerrero had been hauling for Auscor Transportation in Middlesex, N.J. before striking out on his own a few months ago. He had adopted a shelter dog to accompany him.

Aria as a puppy when Guerrero adopted her.Aria as a puppy when Guerrero adopted her.

Aria is shown in Guerrero’s Facebook posts. She was also found at his side when officers found him dead behind the wheel.

Aria was taken to a local shelter following the murder. Guerrero’s cousin in Florida picked the dog up yesterday.

“I’m worried about her and her well-being and how she is going to do without my cousin,” Clendenin said of her cousin’s dog during an interview with actionnewsjax.com.

Christopher Guerrero will soon take custody of Aria.