On-again, off-again truck ban creating confusion

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Updated Apr 20, 2016

An on-again, off-again truck ban in Indiana is creating confusion for truckers and plenty of work for law enforcement.

Trucks and busses weighing over 19,500 pounds had been banned from Keystone Parkway by the City of Carmel starting in 2008.

However, a nearby highway project on U.S. 31 lifted that ban for the past several years, and large vehicles became accustomed to using the road again, according to fox59.com.

Since highway work is now coming to a close, the ban was recently reinstituted. However, word hasn’t traveled fast enough and signs posted along the road informing drivers of the ban haven’t helped enough.

In response, police officers in Carmel began conducting extra patrols last week and started pulling over large trucks and busses traveling on Keystone Parkway.

Thankfully, it’s just warning tickets for now. However, if word doesn’t travel fast enough, some unlucky drivers will be hit with $500 fines.

Some drivers that were issued warning tickets told police that they were just following their GPS, while others said that they had been traveling Keystone Parkway for years and hadn’t realized that the road had been made off-limits again to large vehicles. Exceptions are in place for vehicles making deliveries along the road.

“We’re educating them to start using US31,” Master Patrolman Scott Spillman told fox59.com.