GPS blamed for getting truck stuck on old bridge

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Updated Jan 22, 2016

A truck driver in Durant, Okla. learned the hard way that she can’t always trust her GPS, especially if she’s towing 40,000 pounds.

The driver, who refused to give her name to the Durant Democrat, said that as she drove her 18-wheeler over a small, humpback bridge it came to a sudden stop.

It wasn’t the fault of the tractor; it had no problem rounding over the top of the bridge’s high-arc. But unfortunately, the same couldn’t be said for the trailer behind it as its landing gear ground to a halt at the peak of the bridge, leaving the truck stuck on top of the 108-year-old hump.

“My GPS told me to go this way,” the driver from New York explained to police.

The Werner driver had been only a few blocks from her stop at Big Lots when the accident occurred. A tow truck was able to remove the truck from the bridge. The embarrassed driver then drove her 40,000-pound load the long way to Big Lots.

The bridge, dubbed by locals as the half-moon bridge, was not harmed. The driver, on the other hand, has sustained injuries to her ego.

“I’m embarrassed. This hasn’t happened to me before,” she said. “I won’t go this way again.”