More CNG trucks added to California fleet

Waste management company Republic Services now has 176 CNG trucks at its Gardena, Ca. location.Waste management company Republic Services now has 176 CNG trucks at its Gardena, Ca. location.

Waste management company Republic Services announced the addition of 11 Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) solid waste collection trucks to its fleet in the Gardena, California area. The CNG trucks replace older diesel-powered trucks, and bring the total number of natural gas vehicles operated by Republic in Gardena to 176.

“These new vehicles support our efforts to reduce carbon emissions from our fleet vehicles,” said Ron Krall, area president of Republic Services. “It means that almost 200 of our collection vehicles serving the Gardena and surrounding areas are fueled by CNG, which aligns with Republic’s long-term sustainability strategy.”

Republic Services operates a fueling station at its Gardena location to support its expanding CNG fleet. Seventy-six percent of Republic’s fleet serving the Gardena community is now powered by this domestic fuel source. Republic is able to extract and use natural gas from its own landfill.

Republic owns and operates one landfill, six transfer stations, one recycling center and six hauling operations throughout Los Angeles County. The Gardena division has 243 employees who serve over 1,049,477 homeowners associations and municipalities, as well as more than 171,329 commercial customers.

According to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), each new CNG collection truck deployed is equivalent to planting over 600 mature trees each year. Based on EPA calculations, the carbon emissions reduction benefits from Republic’s CNG powered fleet in California is equivalent to planting 105,600 mature trees.

Nationwide, Republic Services operates a fleet of more than 2,200 CNG vehicles and 38 natural gas fueling stations. Republic’s CNG fleet helps to save roughly 18 million gallons of diesel fuel annually.

As the operator of the 8th largest vocational fleet in the country, Republic has employed various initiatives to reduce overall fuel usage, including its continued commitment to operate CNG powered trucks. As outlined in its 2014 sustainability report, Republic’s goal is to reduce fleet greenhouse gas emissions by three percent by 2018.

Republic adheres to the Blue Planet sustainability initiative, which defines its approach to environmental responsibility through decreased vehicle emissions, innovative landfill technologies, use of renewable energy, community engagement and employee growth opportunities.