Freightliner Custom Chassis releases mobile app

Freightliner Custom Chassis Corp. (FCCC) has released a new mobile app that connects customers with its nationwide dealer and service network from anywhere around the clock. 

The 24/7 Direct app from FCCC made its debut in Apple’s App Store for the iOS mobile operating system this week, joining recently released versions of the app for Android and Windows Phone.

The 24/7 Direct app, which is available free of charge, makes FCCC customer service available 24 hours a day, seven days a week by putting the entirety of the FCCC dealer and service network in the palm of users’ hands. 

The location-based app uses GPS coordinates to provide customers with information on the closest dealers within a set distance, from as close as 25 miles up to 250 miles. App users can then connect easily with an individual dealership via phone or email; users can also connect with FCCC directly via phone or email via the app.