Goodyear unveils new wide-base retread

Goodyear has rolled out two new retread products that will help fleets extend the service life of popular Goodyear wide-base tires.

“The recently introduced G392 SSD UniCircle and G394 SST UniCircle products offer many of the same performance benefits as their wide-base, new tire counterparts: the G392 SSD DuraSeal + Fuel Max and the G394 SST DuraSeal + Fuel Max,” says Brian Buckham, marketing manager, Goodyear Commercial Tire Systems. “In addition, they are offered with Goodyear’s exclusive UniCircle Technology, which helps enhance tread wear. UniCircle retreads are spliceless and adhere snugly to the tire’s casing to enhance traction and help reduce tearing and chunking.”

The G392 SSD UniCircle boasts a 24/32-in. tread depth, while the G394 SST UniCircle comes with a 12/32-in. tread depth, Goodyear says. Both products’ tread designs are optimized to help provide a uniform footprint and confident handling.

The G392 SSD UniCircle drive tread and the G394 SST UniCircle trailer tread are available to fit the 445/50R22.5 size. Goodyear also offers flat precure G392 SSD drive and G394 SST trailer retreads to fit the 445/50R22.5 and 455/55R22.5 sizes, the company says.

“By matching the G392 SSD UniCircle and G394 SST UniCircle retreads with G392 SSD drive and the G394 SST trailer casings containing Goodyear’s exclusive DuraSeal Technology, retread performance should be just like that of a new tire,” says Buckham.