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Trucks being blamed for damage in Atlanta neighborhood–are bigger signs the answer?
Tom Quimby | May 18, 2017
Atlanta residents say trucks have been damaging public property at the intersection of Spinks Street and Edwards Drive.

GPS may be to blame for trucks driving through a northwest Atlanta neighborhood where they’re not allowed and residents say they’ve been damaging curbs, sidewalks and traffic signs.

Residents in Riverview say the damage occurs as drivers attempt to turn around at a 3-way intersection.

One resident watched this week as another truck attempted a U-turn at the same intersection.

“He almost hit the telephone pole, the gas line and knocked into the stop sign and just flew and kept going,” Jennifer Baggett told

Baggett and some of her neighbors also say that the trucks pose a safety risk.

“It’s also a concern with kids getting off the bus and trucks don’t have good visibility back here,” Baggett said.

Atlanta City Council member Felicia Moore said drivers from a nearby cement plant may be following GPS directions and getting lost in the process.

Though ‘No Trucks’ signs are posted along Edwards Drive, Moore said larger signs may be the answer.

What do you think? Will larger signs help? Are GPS directions simply not trucker-friendly enough?


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