Trimble MAPS sees more fleets turning to mapping tech in 2021

In an industry where every mile counts, mapping technology can really deliver.  Even the average driver who’s turned to real-time map data to get around a traffic jam can sincerely appreciate what the technology offers.

But what about for a fleet where time is literally money? In this week’s business spotlight, we turned to Trimble MAPS’ Brian Larwig, vice president and general manager over analytics, big data, optimization and last mile product lines. For 2021, Larwig predicts that fleets will lean even more on mapping data.

“The trucking industry will put a huge emphasis on using commercial map intelligence and technology in 2021 for efficiency, safety and ETAs,” Larwig said.

 “Mapping technology improves driver safety by showing real-time traffic conditions and weather alert areas along a route,” Larwig continued. “Using mapping technology that builds commercial location data, includes site entrance and exits, provides better/safer routing for the driver and last mile assistance.”

It’s not just know where the best routes are, but also knowing when that truck or van leaves the nest that can prove helpful in narrowing down ETAs.

“Precise commercial location data using mapping technology also provides geofencing that sends alerts to the back office to show when drivers enter or exit a facility,” Larwig said. “With the surging demand of delivery, using technology for real time and predictive data allows the back office to relay more accurate ETAs to the end customer.”

Trimble MAPS will play a greater role in the days ahead with Werner Enterprises’ cloud-based proprietary mobile fleet management program Werner EDGE.

“One of the things that we’ll bring to shippers is new auto management systems, new optimization tools, be it load or route optimization,” said Werner Chief Information Officer Daragh Mahon. “We’re working with Trimble to give us better ETA estimates.”

Mahon said the technology has already provided improved ETAs and that they’re getting “very, very positive reactions from our shippers, from our customers. And I think we’re just going to see that get more and more positive as we move through this process.”

Werner’s success with EDGE led to their selection as January’s Innovator of the Month at HWT’s sister publication, Commercial Carrier Journal.

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