Fleets ranked by safety, productivity and hard work

Azuga, a global provider of connected vehicle and fleet technologies, has published a ranking of the top fleets, by industry and driver.

Azuga’s Fleet Driver Performance Scorecard is based on data captured by Azuga’s system, which combines hardware and software to help fleets improve customer service and lower costs. The system is used by thousands of fleets worldwide.

Azuga analyzed over 100,000 drivers covering 500+ million miles in Q2, and drivers were scored on three indexes: safety, productivity and hard work.

Azuga’s system assigns a score for different variables, such as hard braking and hard acceleration, number of trips made in a given day and miles traveled per hour.

Each driver analyzed by Azuga receives an overall score as well as a score for each index. An overall score of 100 was the maximum a driver could earn. The maximum for the three indexes were 50 for safety, 25 for productivity and 25 for hard work. Here are the formulas behind how scores for the three indexes and the overall score were calculated:

  • Safety: Hard-Braking Score + Speeding Score + Hard-Acceleration Score + Days Without a Risky Driving Event
  • Productivity: Number of Drive Days + Number of Trips + Number of Miles
  • Hard Work: Number of Days with 6 hours Driven + Number of Days with 7 or More Trips + Number of Miles Traveled Per Hour
  • Overall: Safety Index + Productivity Index + Hard Work Index

According to Azuga’s data, the average overall score across all drivers in Q2 was 46.2 and the median was 47.6. The average productivity score across all drivers was 4.1 and the median was 3.8. The average safety score across all drivers was 36.1 and the median was 37.4. The average hard work score across all drivers was 5.9 and the median 5.2.

Disinfecting and pest control services earned the top score overall with 46.6, followed by local trucking fleets at 46 and plumbing/HVAC at 45.6. Plumbing/HVAC drivers were also the safest fleets with an average score of 37.3. Fleet drivers performing electrical work were the second safest fleet at 36.1. Disinfecting and pest control fleets were both the hardest working and most productive fleets, with scores of 7.9 and 4.9, respectively.

The top drivers in Q2 were Dean Jurisch (shown above) of Lynn Dairy (82.1 overall, 9.4 in productivity, 23 in hard work and 49.7 in safety), Jesse Rodriguez of GCI (77.5 overall, 8.6 in productivity, 19.8 in hard work and 49.1 in safety), and Geno Brown of Tampa Culligan (74.7 overall, 13.2 in productivity, 11.4 in hard work and 50 in safety). The remainder of the top 10 highest-performing fleets and drivers can be found here.

“Congratulations to the top fleet drivers for prioritizing road safety and customer service – two bedrock Azuga principles,” said Ananth Rani, CEO of Azuga. “The data tells us that fleet drivers are busier than ever delivering the products and services upon which we depend. Especially in these difficult times, it’s comforting to know that the fleet driver community cares as much about safety, productivity and hard work as we do.”