New OnStar Business Solutions built for efficiency-minded fleets

As fleet data and wireless communications continue to get a bigger seat at the table, GM announced this week the rollout of OnStar Business Solutions, a collection of fleet-centric products rolled into one package designed to better meet the needs of fleet managers and small business owners.

Available now, OnStar Business Solutions offers four business management tools: OnStar Safety Services, OnStar Vehicle Insights, API & Data Services and Wi-Fi.

“We understand that every fleet operation has its own needs and goals and that there isn’t one perfect fleet management solution for everyone,” said Michelle Calloway, director of OnStar Business Solutions. “We created OnStar Business Solutions so our fleet customers can go to one place to learn about all of our products and offerings and choose the option that will best keep them protected, connected, informed and in control.”

With OnStar Business Solutions, customers can choose from the following business fleet products and services:

OnStar Safety Services
OnStar Safety Services aims to keep drivers safe and assets secure. Available plans include:

  • Safety and Security: Provides Automatic Crash Response and 24/7 access to OnStar’s specially trained Advisors to help with any road emergency.
  • Assurance: Includes essential services like Automatic Crash Response, Emergency Services and Stolen Vehicle Assistance2.
  • Driver Remote Access: Allows drivers to perform remote commands, like lock and unlock, from a vehicle’s mobile app.

OnStar Vehicle Insights
GM’s newest fleet telematics solution, OnStar Vehicle Insights, provides fleet managers and drivers with the tools they need to make the most of their daily operations. Features include:

  • Vehicle Locator: View the location of all fleet vehicles in real time.
  • Vehicle Health: View vehicle mileage, oil life and fuel efficiency, as well as receive preventative service prompts and maintenance notifications.
  • Driver Performance: View driver behaviors and trips taken, and receive safety alerts around specific events, like exceeding a specified speed limit.
  • Trip Summaries: Maintain and reference trip history in an organized manner.

API & Data Services
OnStar Business Solutions works with a number of telematic service providers and fleet management companies to provide reliable, accurate data to help take a business’ fleet operations to the next level.

Wi-Fi Capabilities
Wi-Fi keeps fleet vehicles and drivers connected. Crews can connect up to seven devices within 50 feet of the available 4G LTE Wi-Fi vehicle hotspot.

Pricing varies depending on service plan selected. For more information and assistance with determining the right product for your fleet, visit or email an OnStar Fleet Account Executive at [email protected].