BOLT locks now compatible with key fobs

BOLT Lock now offers programmable locks that are compatible with the valet key contained inside key fobs.

BOLT locks gained popularity for their compatibility with ignition keys. The unique tumblers of the lock are quickly set after inserting and rotating a key. With key fobs becoming more popular Bolt has now enabled its locks to work with the valet key inside the fob.

“At BOLT Lock, we feel it’s very important to let our customers know that they can still use our locks to protect their valuables even if they have key fobs and keyless start vehicles,” said Jason Buckles, sales account manager for BOLT Lock.
“As automakers move forward into keyless vehicles, we are proud to already have a solution so that way we can still offer the same reliable one-key lock technology to these customers.”

BOLT Locks are vehicle make/model/year specific with specialized spring-loaded plate tumblers inside the lock cylinders designed to fit the ignition keys of only certain vehicles. The line of durable precision locks includes Receiver Locks in 5/8- and 1/2-inches, Coupler Pin, 6-foot Cable, Off-Vehicle Coupler and Collar Kingpin locks. Jeep-specific locks include a J-Mount and hood locks as well as the rest of the product line.