Ranger launches new generation of van shelving

Updated Aug 2, 2018

Ranger Design announced today the launch of a new generation of shelving that the company says may outlast the vans it’s installed in.

Ranger’s new shelving units feature black end-panels and aluminum extrusions to increase payload capacity. Shelf trays are built from marine‑grade plywood with a dynamic load capacity of over 200 lbs.

“With a 10‑year warranty, our new shelving may even outlast the van!” Ranger reports. “We wanted to simplify the customer experience and offer them the toughest and most cost-effective shelving available. For over 30 years, we’ve been the market leader in quality shelving and we intend to keep the lead.”

The new shelving was created to provide tradesmen with a sturdy and customizable workspace in order to simplify their job. The shelves have been tested for durability and are designed to be rattle-free.

Pre-designed upfit packages are available to accommodate various trades.

“Every package is composed of our new shelving and can be upgraded with the necessary accessories to ensure the best fit for the trade,” Ranger states. “It makes choosing an upfit quick and simple!”

Metal dividers are designed to help eliminate the movement of small tools during the ride.  Stackable, industrial grade bins can be carried right onto the jobsite. The bins stack fit tightly inside the shelves to create a tidy, noise-free, work surface.

“Our next generation of shelving allows customers to easily find the perfect fit for their trade’s needs, while also providing them with the ideal solution for a long-lasting storage system,” Ranger reports. “Once again, we’re proud to offer our customers another innovative product line to better suit their needs.”