Spireon’s new IntelliScan trailer cargo sensor offers improvements over ultrasonic detection

Updated Jul 12, 2018

Spireon developed a new FleetLocate Cargo Sensor with IntelliScan sensing technology. The new sensor provides a new level of accuracy in visualizing cargo load status, the company says.

The technology uses a combination of sensing methods that include optical imaging and laser time of flight to provide trailer fleet managers with a more precise picture of what is inside every trailer.

“The accuracy of IntelliScan technology is vastly superior to anything on the market today, and the industry has been in dire need of a better solution for cargo monitoring,” said Rick Gruenhagen, chief technology officer at Spireon.

Ultrasonic detection—the current industry standard in cargo sensors—is heavily impacted by conditions inside the trailer such as temperature, humidity, cargo type and distance between the sensor and cargo. Any material that is placed directly against an ultrasonic sensor blocks sonic waves, potentially indicating an empty cargo load by mistake.

Spireon says the new FleetLocate Cargo Sensor with IntelliScan technology is designed to resolve these issues by combining multiple sensors within a single device, and adding sophisticated processing power to the sensors themselves.

IntelliScan uses lasers for time of flight measurement, eliminating problems associated with cargo type and proximity. Since lasers alone have range limitations, Spireon incorporated a camera in the device to combine time of flight and optical imaging with advanced algorithms to accurately detect cargo load. The new solution will capture the entire 53-foot trailer, regardless of environmental conditions or varying cargo types, the company says.

In the announcement, Spireon said the use of optical imaging paves the way for potential future enhancements that support photo capture or real-time visualization of trailer contents.

“Inefficient cargo management kills profitability for all fleet managers—truckload, LTL and private fleets alike,” said Roni Taylor, vice president of strategy and business development at Spireon. “We are thrilled to offer our customers ground-breaking IntelliScan technology that will give them a virtual eye inside the trailer to improve detention management and trip planning, both critical for competitiveness in the market.”

FleetLocate Cargo Sensors with IntelliScan will be generally available in Q3-2018. For more information about FleetLocate IntelliScan technology, visit: https://www.spireon.com/intelliscan-itm/.

This article was written by Aaron Huff, senior editor of Commercial Carrier Journal, a partner publication of Hard Working Trucks.