KeepTruckin launches Smart Dashcam

KeepTruckin announced the launch of its Smart Dashcam, a road-facing camera with an accessible price point that’s designed for fast installation and ease of use.

Measuring just over 2- x 2- x 1-inch with a wide angle lens and 1280 x 720 resolution, the Smart Dashcam integrates with the KeepTruckin ELD. Drivers can simply plug the camera in via a USB port to start recording.

When the KeepTruckin ELD registers a critical event such as a hard brake, acceleration, corner, or an accident, ten seconds of HD video before and after the event is captured. The video is then made available in the KeepTruckin Dashboard and can be accessed at any time. Additionally, KeepTruckin is able to detect tampering or removal of the camera and alert the fleet manager.

“The ELD was phase one of our mission to improve the safety and efficiency of the trucking industry,” said Shoaib Makani, cofounder and CEO of KeepTruckin. “We’ve seen the positive impact the data captured by the ELD can have in organizations of different sizes. The addition of our Smart Dashcam gives fleets an integrated safety platform that spans compliance, telematics and video monitoring.”

According to the American Trucking Association (ATA), passenger vehicles are at fault in 85 percent of truck-passenger accidents. Without exonerating evidence, commercial drivers are more likely to be blamed.

“The Smart Dashcam not only protects fleets from unfair litigation, but also provides insights that help drivers reduce accidents,” KeepTruckin notes in its press release.

Pricing for the camera starts at $100 plus $40 per month for full dashboard access. The first round of fleets that request a demo will be offered special pricing for a limited time. Learn more about the Smart Dashcam and order here.