TBC Brands introduces its new Trail Guide HLT tire line

Trail Guide HLTTrail Guide HLT

TBC Brands, one of the largest distributors of private brand tires in North America, introduced today the new Trail Guide HLT highway line for the light truck segment.

Available in 37 sizes, across 15- to 20-inch rim diameters and intended for CUV, SUV, pickup trucks and vans, Trail Guide HLT is warrantied for 50,000 miles for all sizes and comes with one year of free road hazard protection.

“TBC Brands is excited to introduce customers to the Trail Guide HLT line,” said Jon Vance, vice-president of product marketing for TBC Brands. “The line, an expansion of our exclusive Trail Guide family of light truck products, offers exceptional all season traction, a smooth quiet ride, long-lasting tread life, stable handling and an appealing design all at an economical price point.”

TBC Brands’ reports that the introduction of this line further emphasizes its commitment to provide an economical price range with the performance and standard of a higher tier product. This line, combined with the Trail Guide AT4S all terrain line that was first introduced by TBC Brands in 2016, provides dealers two product solutions in both highway and all terrain applications, covering the two largest light truck mark segments.

The Trail Guide HLT will be available late December 2017 in the following sizes: 

  1. 235/75R15
  2. 245/75R16
  3. 265/75R16
  4. 215/70R16
  5. 235/70R16
  6. 245/70R16
  7. 255/70R16
  8. 265/70R16
  9. 245/70R17
  10. 265/70R17
  11. 225/65R17
  12. 235/65R17
  13. 245/65R17
  14. 265/65R17
  15. 235/65R18
  16. 255/65R18
  17. 275/65R18
  18. 235/60R18
  19. 245/60R18
  20. 265/60R18
  21. 235/55R18
  22. 255/55R18
  23. 275/60R20
  24. 275/55R20
  25. LT215/85R16
  26. LT235/85R16
  27. LT225/75R16
  28. LT245/75R16
  29. LT265/75R16
  30. LT235/80R17
  31. LT245/75R17
  32. LT245/70R17
  33. LT265/70R17
  34. LT265/70R18
  35. LT275/70R18
  36. LT275/65R18
  37. LT275/65R20