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Updated Aug 24, 2015

Video - Hitch Installing (6)CURT Video Library Reaches Milestone, Continues to Grow; hitch installation videos beneficial for dealer, end user, professional installer

CURT Manufacturing LLC., the leading manufacturer and marketer of USA-made towing products, takes great pride in supplying customers with professional videos to inform, educate and entertain.

We have made product installations one of our key focuses, and as of July 2015, we are pleased to report that our YouTube library has reached a total of over 200 installation videos.

In addition to product feature videos, how-tos and more, product installation videos make up the bulk of the CURT video library.

For new hitches, wiring harnesses, 5th wheel products, gooseneck products and many others, we create professional videos to outline the time, tools and procedures required for installation.

These videos are not only a walkthrough for the consumer but can also offer helpful tips for our dealers and professional installers.

Videos show how to install all types of Curt hitches including goosenecks.Videos show how to install all types of Curt hitches including goosenecks.

With our first-to-market approach, vehicle-specific products and tireless video team, we have now accumulated a total of over 200 installation videos, each for a different part number, and a grand total of 334 videos.

Joe Thompson, Senior VP of Sales & Marketing says, “CURT provides its customers with comprehensive marketing resources. Whether this means video, photography, content or data, we want to make sure our customers are fully equipped to succeed.”

The CURT video library is a valuable marketing resource, and like our photo library, it is one that continues to grow.

Our videos are not only available to the public on our YouTube page, but they can also be utilized by our retail customers on websites and in brick-and-mortar stores.

To see our full video library, go to the CURT Manufacturing YouTube page and click subscribe!