Trail Gear 10K Winch

Updated Jul 28, 2015

Trail Gear winchTG10000 Winch

Trail Gear’s TG10000 Winch is the toughest and most reliable winch in the world. The TG10000 Winch ($420) has an IP68 rating (Ingress Protection Rating) on the solenoid, an IP67 rating on the drum, and it meets all SAE-J706 standards for winches.

With 17 internal seals, it is completely protected from the elements and is 100 percent water/dust/sand proof.

The TG10000 Winch is far ahead of its competitors. With a 6.5 HP series wound motor, three stage planetary gear system, 265:1 gear ratio, and automatic load holding brake, you can count on this winch in any situation.

Included with your TG10000 Winch is a very smart, ergonomically designed remote control with a 10’ cord and sealed switch. Also included is a roller fairlead, a hook, and all necessary mounting hardware.

What is an IP68 rating?

  • IP = Ingress Protection Rating.
  • The first digit represents the level of protection against the ingress of solid objects. The highest rating is “6” – completely dust tight.
  • The second digit represents the level of protection against total immersion. The highest rating is “8” – Continuous immersion in over one meter of water.