Plug-N-Play Kit Adds 40hp To F-150 EcoBoost

Updated Mar 30, 2015

SnowPerf-F150 EcoBoostSnow Performance Boost Cooler Water-Methanol Injection System adds instant muscle to Ford’s 3.5L EcoBoost V6s

If you feel your F-150 EcoBoost could use a little more muscle under the hood, especially when towing, there’s a quick solution to bring 40 more ponies to the power game: the Snow Performance Boost Cooler kit.

Snow’s Plug-n-Play Boost Cooler water/methanol injection system is a self-tuning system that provides a cooler air-charge and additional octane, allowing the vehicle’s computer to provide more engine timing which adds 40 extra horsepower.

Using boost and fuel injection pressure, Snow’s water/methanol injection system provides better mid-range power, faster throttle response, and smooth operation under all conditions.

Most importantly, full power is maintained while towing as the result of the cooling and octane the system provides.

Combine the Boost Cooler with a performance tune and power level increases of up to 110 horsepower can be achieved.

The Plug-n-Play Boost Cooler features a simple plug-in wiring harness, no-drill nozzle mounting plate, and the most sophisticated digital two-dimensional controller in the industry.

CONTACT: Snow Performance; 719-633-3811