PENRAY POW-R 365 Diesel Additive

Updated Mar 15, 2015

PowR 365

Pow-R 365 5 in 1 diesel fuel treatment designed for year-round use

With the approach of spring, fleet maintenance managers, owner-operators, and others responsible for medium- and heavy-duty vehicles and equipment are faced with a dilemma:  should they treat their diesel fuel for cold weather or warm weather, knowing that their vehicles may encounter either or both in the coming weeks and months.

Fortunately Penray has a solution in their recently introduced Pow-R 365™ 5 in 1 Diesel Fuel Treatment.

Its blend of additives, supplements, and conditioners address the challenges that can compromise diesel fuels and the vehicles and equipment they power in every kind of climate.

It has been blended and packaged in keeping with the simplicity of dosage that Penray has adopted — One Bottle, One Truck.

As its name implies, Pow-R 365 5 in 1 Diesel Fuel Treatment enhances diesel fuel with five distinct features:

  • Penray Pow-R 365, increases cetane rating by a full number, making for improved combustion and power, with lower emissions.
  • Helps increase fuel economy by cleaning injectors, which in turn reduces overall operating costs.
  • Provides corrosion protection throughout the entire fuel system.
  • Safely adds lubricity to the fuel, helping to extend the life of fuel pumps, fuel injectors, and other friction points within the fuel system.
  • Prevents gelling of the fuel, an on-going issue, especially in unexpected inclement weather which can occur in any area.
Pow-R 365™ 5 in 1 Diesel Fuel Treatment. One bottle-one truck.Pow-R 365™ 5 in 1 Diesel Fuel Treatment. One bottle-one truck.

In addition to these performance enhancements, Penray’s Pow-R 365 promotes more complete combustion, a highly desirable feature since doing so reduces regenerations of the Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF) found in today’s heavy-duty vehicles.

It is packaged in bottles of 64 fluid ounces, which is the appropriate dosage for the typical 250-gallon fill, making its use simple and effective.