Husky Hitch System With Built-In Sway Control

Updated Jan 11, 2015

32218G_3xSuper quiet Center Line TS – weight distribution with integrated sway control

Whether towing a flat bed, enclosed utility trailer or dump trailer, safe towing starts with properly equipped vehicles.

Husky Towing Products’ new Center Line TS hitch quietly combines weight distribution and sway control, which helps those towing trailers behind pickups meet the manufacturer outlined requirements for safely towing conventional trailers.

The Center Line TS combines weight distribution and sway control in a strong, lightweight design that delivers outstanding performance with significantly less noise than competing hitches.

“The Center Line TS is an excellent all-in-one hitch system that increases confidence and safety due to the integrated weight distribution and sway control.” says Steve Holt, Vice President of Brand and Corporate Marketing.

“While other weight distribution hitches with sway control can be quite noisy, the new Center Line TS was designed to be as quiet as possible. The hitch also comes with the ball installed and torqued, so installation is quick and easy – all at an exceptional value,” says Holt.

To make the product both strong and light, Husky’s engineers employed 1035 steel in a single piece, forged top plate complimented with trunnions of hardened 1045 steel – both have excellent wear and fatigue properties.

Used in conjunction with the innovative head design, these super strong materials complement each other to provide the right amount of clamping force to assist the spring bars and lift brackets in resisting sway.

The lift brackets, head and spring bars were also designed to work together to promote a quiet and smooth ride. The round, straight spring bars provide a superior fit and appearance.  The better fit promotes superior sway control by reacting to trailer and sway conditions earlier than other products.

The tapered design of the spring bars improves ride quality.

The Center Line TS is significantly lighter than competing products. Universal EZ Adjust frame brackets are easy to install and easy to adjust. The hitch ball comes pre-installed and the lift tool can load and unload spring bars as well as tighten the lift bracket bolts.

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