Plug-In Automatic Crash-Notification Device Calls 911 Immediately

Updated Dec 12, 2014

install-angelguard-094628d2a605362ef180e6b92cbda0e5AngelGuard contacts 911 dispatchers directly, reducing emergency-response times to serious vehicle accidents

The next generation of automatic crash-notification system has arrived with AngelGuard – a smart device that, unlike other products on the market, communicates directly with local 911 dispatchers, saving precious minutes and reducing emergency-reponse times to serious automobile accidents.

“Each minute accident victims await emergency medical care greatly diminishes their chances,” says AngelGuard President Joseph Mader.

Government figures show that on average three to six minutes elapse before anyone calls 911 to report a serious automobile accident in the U.S. Even once alerted, emergency help can be significantly delayed unless callers provide accurate accident details.

That led Mader to the development of AngelGuard.

AngelGuard plugs into the vehicle’s OBDII port and works off local cell tower coverage.AngelGuard plugs into the vehicle’s OBDII port and works off local cell tower coverage.

When a vehicle equipped with AngelGuard is involved in a serious collision, the product’s patented technology automatically calls the local 911 center, sends the accident’s location (normally within one or two car lengths) and other vital information.

It then establishes communication by speakerphone between the occupants of the vehicle and the 911 dispatcher.

AngelGuard provides  fleet drivers with protection at its highest by ensuring the fastest possible 911 emergency response to both crash and non-crash emergencies.

If an emergency occurs, AngelGuard also provides immediate and detailed alerts to fleet managers so they may effectively manage the situation…without delay.

Unlike other products on the market, AngelGuard:

  • Works in virtually any model of vehicle from 1996 or later;
  • Eliminates the need for a call center before reaching 911;
  • Operates with any compatible cell-phone service provider;
  • Fits in your hand;
  • Self-installs easily under a vehicle’s dash;
  • Moves from one vehicle to another; and
  • Requires only a one-time purchase with no monthly charges.

AngelGuard uses sophisticated sensors and advanced intelligence often found inside a modern smartphone to analyze a crash and assess probable injuries.

For example, it can tell when a vehicle turns over, greatly increasing the chance of serious injuries. It can also identify the difference between real crashes and road hazards such as speed bumps or potholes to avoid false alarms.

Mader, who has a background in developing and testing wireless technology, and his team, including his father, Chief Executive Officer Thomas Mader, and Chief Technology Officer Dr. Russell McKown, spent four years testing and developing AngelGuard.

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