Boom Mat Sound Control Material

Updated Dec 11, 2014

Boom Mat Heat Moldable Sound & Moisture Barrier


Design Engineering Inc’s Boom Mat Moldable Barrier is a highly flexible, .5lb/ft2 sound barrier designed for those applications where a budget conscious, simple noise and heat control solution is needed.

The 1/16″-thick material easily installs with scissors and a heat gun and bonds to itself where seaming is necessary.

The shiny material also molds itself to form fit over the surface when heat is applied. 

Its waterproof properties along with it’s thin profile, make it the ultimate material for a sound and moisture barrier behind door panels, over transmission humps, and floors that have uneven surfaces or contours.

Where to use: Behind door panels, floor pans, firewalls, transmission tunnels, behind back seat and inner fenders to name just a few locations Boom Mat is right at home.

DEI also offers Boom Mat pad-like dampening material that is a special padding designed to reduce structure-borne vibration, squeaks and rattles.

CONTACT: Boom Mat; 800-264-9472