Boom Mat Sound Deadening Material

Updated Dec 11, 2014

Boom Mat Damping Material In New 30 Sheet PackBoom mat family med NEW[1]

Noise and heat have the biggest impact on driver fatigue in the work environment. Reduce either or both and productivity increases.

Boom Mat sound deadening material has been around for years and now it can be purchased in a convenient 30 sheet pack of 12-1/2” x 24”; large enough to isolate the interior of a crew cab pickup, large SUV,  van or heavy equipment cab from both heat and noise.

Developed primarily to eliminate low frequency noise, Boom Mat damping material works by sealing interior holes and leaks and damping structure born noise.

The material is made with a viscoeslastic polymer layer protected by a durable aluminum wear surface that is resistant to extreme heat or cold.

Extremely flexible and easy to trim, simply peal and stick in the desired location including metal, plastic or fiberglass. Boom Mat’s high performance adhesive ensures a durable, long-lasting fit wherever it is placed; especially in areas with contours and bends, or vertical locations like a car door.

CONTACT: Boom Mat; 800-264-9472 or email [email protected]