Ford recalling some Super Duty for rear axle shaft fix

Ford is recalling nearly 42,000 Super Duty F250 and F350 trucks over concern that a left rear axle shaft may break, resulting in "loss of drive power or vehicle rollaway" when the truck is in park, the company said. 

If the vehicle is equipped with four-wheel drive (4WD), a customer can place the vehicle in 4WD to regain mobility, Ford added. 

The recall covers certain 2023 Super Duty F250 and F350 vehicles – a total of 41,555 – according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration report.

The affected pickups have single rear wheels and a 10.5-inch rear axle shaft, which "may have been improperly heat-treated during manufacturing" and could break.

As of Aug. 14 there are seven warranty reports attributed to this concern, NHSTA noted.