Jon Stewart explains highway funding: Laugh to keep from crying, roadbuilders

(Images courtesy of Comedy Central)

The debate around the Highway Trust Fund proved perfect fodder for “The Daily Show” with Jon Stewart this week on Comedy Central: The way the federal government is coming up with new ways to pay for transportation is an absurd mess.

The thing is, Stewart doesn’t have to do anything to make Wednesday’s “Shabby Road” report hilarious except play it straight. The Keystone Kops who are trying to develop new solutions and the recent breathless network news coverage are hilarious – unless you’re part of industry that depends on highways.

Still, with all of the other way serious news from rest of the world right now, I thought we could all use a laugh (to keep from crying).

To open, Stewart admitted it was hard to believe our federal highways have their own trust fund and can just lay around and never work – the first of a series of ‘road’ jokes that he finally gave up on. The politics alone carry the piece.

A Comedy Central replay is here, but you might want to turn down the computer speakers if you share an office – or skip it altogether if Jon Stewart’s humor isn’t to your liking.

Have a good weekend.