Aluminum F-150: Big Win or Big Bust?

Updated Jan 14, 2014

Ford Atlas ConceptAluminum F-150s: A Big Win For Ford?

by Bruce W. Smith/Senior Editor

It’s no secret that when Ford unveils the 2015 F-150 that there will be a tremendous amount of interest–and more than a little skepticism.

After all, pickup lovers like their trucks made of steel and beer cans made of aluminum.

Selling 2015 F-150 buyers on an all-alumnium pickup body, if, indeed, that’s the direction Ford has taken on their next-gen F-150, might take more than just the flair and gala of the Detroit Auto Show unveiling this Monday. 

It’s been rumored Ford has partnered with Alcoa to utilize battlefield-tested aluminum technology in the building of the new truck.

If that proves to be the case, Ford will have it’s marketing hands full proving to a lot of present owners that mil-spec aluminum will out perform and outlast steel.

One thing is for sure, aluminum has proven its metal on the front lines for years in blast shields and skid plates. It’s tougher than steel when shaped correctly.

It’s also a big weight-saver, which translates to better fuel economy and performance as any racer knows.

Ford’s Mark Fields said when the F-150 Atlas Concept was shown at last year’s Detroit Auto Show that aluminum would take as much as 750 pounds out of the next-gen trucks and help the company meet the government’s ever-increasing fuel economy goals and regulations.

Would an all-aluminum pickup be a winner? As with all things new, time will be the judge. To date Ford hasn’t made any big missteps with the F-150.

I predict their record will stay clean with whatever the new model brings to the table. 

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